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by Jamaican hands
Beth Autumn is a multi-disciplinary artistry handcrafted by Chanel Smith in her Florida home studio. Her passion is to use her creative voice to transfer the revelations of Christ to varying art mediums. It is the holy and revered notion of partnering with Him to bring something new to Earth through art. Chanel hopes that her work encourages others to explore the vastness of God and form a deeper connection with Him.
Fun facts about Chanel:
- Loves spicy food
- Still owns an iPod shuffle 1st generation
- Born and raised in Jamaica
- Loves chess but is kinda-okay at it
- Favourite vegetable is broccoli
- Prefers tea instead of coffee
- Favourite sport is rest
- Favourite colour is plum
- Cannot ice skate
- Loves the sound of thunder
Remembers moments by the hairstyle she had at the time
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