My name is Chanel Smith. I was born and raised in the culturally-rich island of Jamaica. I now reside and create in Florida. I'm constantly finding new things for my hands to fashion and this is my ever-growing artistry.


I've always been drawn to the name Beth and had a deep seated understanding that it connected with me in some way. I started attaching it to my name for years without ever researching it and I think it was Divine for it to happen this way. Beth means 'house' or 'place' and over the years God has been revealing to me that this is a dwelling place for His Spirit and my gifts.

The seasons of life fascinate me. The stretching, pulling, crying, crawling and arising. Autumn is my favourite season. I'm drawn to the symbolism of it - falling, renewal and harvest. I dress like it's Autumn, even when it isn't. The colours, the weather, the everything does something for me. Lastly, I was born in Autumn. 


I wanted to have a separate name for my artistry that described my persona and this is the combination I truly believe found me. Beth Autumn became the outlet and the house to store my creativity. Essentially, this is a house of harvest and ultimately creating with Him for Him.