Candle Care

Tips and tricks for your wicks!

↠ Always burn within sight, on a leveled surface and away from flammable objects.

↠ Burn candle in 2 hour increments to generate a large enough melt pool. Melt pool is the liquified wax from edge to edge. This ensures that the wax doesn't tunnel into a hole so that it burns evenly for the rest of the candle life.

↠ If flame becomes too high, it's typically because the wick is too long. Trim wicks when necessary before burning. You'll notice that after you extinguish your candle the wick has excess burnt parts. You can easily pick it off with your fingers before lighting again. Ensure that wicks are at least 1/4 inch before burning.

↠ For best results burn candle in a small/medium sized enclosed area to get the most concentrated scent. e.g. bedroom, office, bathroom, etc.

Melt pool example below. Best to extinguish when wax has melted to the edge as seen on the left.