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Graphic designer

As well as painting & crafting handmade products, Beth Autumn is also a graphic design studio offering services for other businesses + artisans alike. Chanel specializes in logo design, packaging + brand identities for Christ-centered businesses. 


 I believe that branding is more than just a logo, it's a message. I'm passionate about equipping small businesses and artisans with the visual imagery and design needed to support their God-given dreams. Understanding God's heart in creation is crucial as an artist. Therefore, I design from a place of grounded biblical understanding of the Holy Trinity and Their divine role and importance in creation.




Our businesses are for filling the earth with the knowledge and glory of God. Brand identities are the most effective when birthed from the place of knowing our identity in Him; His ultimate vision for us and what He has trusted us to steward. Each element of design should hold purpose and act as a vehicle to transport the gospel. Reflecting our Creator, designs should be intentional, disregarding trends and focusing on impact. Thus, a Spirit-led brand can be accomplished.

Our businesses should worship Him.


Brand Identity

Curated with the necessary brand assets to put the wheels on your business. My goal is for you to leave feeling organized and confident in your brand, with assets that you know how to use effectively. I'll teach you how to apply them to ensure your branding is cohesive, supplying you with a brand presentation containing all the information on how to use your collateral.

My packages start with:

1 Hour Zoom Call

Logo Variations

Moodboard & Creative Direction

Brand Elements

Colour Palette

Brand Pattern

Primary Logo

Typography Pairing

In the inquiry form, you'll have the opportunity to select add-ons you may need such as: business cards, product labels, thank you cards, etc.

The Process

step no. 1

After you have submitted the client inquiry form, I will get back to you in 1-3 days letting you know if I'm a good fit for what you're looking for. If so, I will email a brand proposal outlining the objectives and the process, from start to finish of your desired service including a price quote. After your approval to proceed with the project, a 50% deposit and a signed contract is required before I start working on your dream brand.

step no. 2

We're on our way! In our 1 hour consultation Zoom call, we'll first start with prayer. You'll share your dreams and we'll do happy dances together, thanking the Lord for it all. I'll ask you the hard questions (I know, but it has to happen and we'll get through it together!) to get into the details of the gift you've been blessed with. Once we've nailed your aesthetic we can move on to refining your brand. We will communicate through Notion, a stellar project management system that will streamline our communication making it easy for you to provide feedback as we work on each level of your package.

step no. 3

And just like that, a dream actualized! Once you've approved the final design, the remaining balance will be due. Once paid, I will deliver all your assets in the file formats covered in the contract. They will be found in Notion for easy download. Congratulations! I'm excited to see the fruit that will come from your business. May God guide you in all things.

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