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Partnering with the Holy Spirit to birth something new on earth through the vocabulary of colour. This is my attempt at communicating with the Lord to reveal His holy, magnificent, kind, gentle and altogether explosive nature. My ultimate goal is to have His light break through each brush stroke and movement. From concept to execution, He must be glorified.

Beth Autumn intuitively uses acrylic paint and gold leaf to create abstract pieces. Her early paint works were comprised of realism then organically transitioned into abstract expressionism, fleeing from the notion of art having a specific criteria.


With each layer, one can sense the deliberateness and depth of each confident brush stroke and texture. Each piece acts as a warm invite and takes the viewer to a place of introspection.


Drawing inspiration from God, Beth uses colour sensibility to mirror those aspects coupled with using explosive techniques that causes light to break through from random pockets. This allows the eye to rest and the mind to reflect. From concept to execution Beth’s work highlights freedom and love.

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