On February 8th, 2020 I was invited to do live prophetic painting for She Acts Conference. I remember telling the Lord I had nothing to give if He didn't come and revealed Himself to me, as this was not about me painting cutely. I went and immediately I was struck with the love behind His suffering. It was a deeply refreshing rememberance. I only knew to paint Christ crucified and what that looked like to me abstractly. I had never encountered the Presence of Jesus through art in this way before. I felt as though I touched His wounds and I was plunged so deep into His chest that I forgot that people were still in the room and in fact, that I was still on earth. I felt so taken up by Him and I never want to forget that moment. Many times He has revealed to me that art is what I was born to do in the natural but when He came that day it hit me in a new way.


The red for the Blood, the whiite for the Lamb, the purple for what He wore on the way to be crucified, the black for the depths of His wounds.


This was shot July 11th, 2020 by Katherine Murphy.