Miss Ashley

Each package had 5 pads, 2 tampons, 1 deodorant, 1 soap and 1 lotion

This bravery that God is cementing in my bones is unlike any other. Just a couple months ago I would have never imagined that I would journey by myself, to evangelize and help the needy. I would have never imagined that I would be kneeling to pray at peoples feet in a public park. Did I mention by myself? I knew wanted to help and wanted my business to glorify God but never saw it happening quite like this. There’s a boldness rising and I’m allowing it. This AMPERS& movement has shaken up my life and it's only the first one. I assembled and handed out the packages and took an hour bus ride to Lake Eola Park as you saw in my Instagram story but there’s one lady that has stained my life forever. She told me to document her story and I’m trying to in the best way I can.

Let’s start from the beginning. I gave out a few packages to some women, then took a rest and decided that I would leave shortly after. I said I’d do one more lap just in case I missed anyone or so that I could give others who’s already gotten more since I had leftovers. While waiting for a text from my friend I decided to walk around one more time. I spotted a woman with her head down in an area that I already passed but at that time she wasn’t there. I didn’t have my glasses so I wasn’t able to deduce her age. When I walked closer I realized that she was way passed the age for the contents of my package but I felt in my spirit to still give it to her. I walked up to her nervously and said “hey I know you might not need these items but I think I should still give them to you” she took the package and read the ‘you are loved’ message at the front, startled, she earnestly said to me “oh my, this is such a blessing why are you doing this? please sit down with me”. I was awestruck that she wanted me beside her. I truly felt honoured. I sat. She softly said “what compelled you to do this, was this your Saviour?” And I said, "yes" and she told me that she was a believer as well and she saw the Holy Spirit in me. She explained that she knew us meeting was God ordained and no one could tell her that it wasn’t. We spoke for two hours and some change and she laid out her story to me, that not only blew my mind but blessed me. Here’s her story.