Our King came lowly. The One who crafted the universe, all therein, above and below chose to enter Jerusalem on a donkey. The multitudes magnified Him with palm branches for His triumphal entry. (Matthew 21) We will then become this multitude prophesied in Revelation 7:9 that welcome Him again with palms. Every tribe and every tongue will bow to the King of kings. Holy Spirit, make us ready. Make us a spotless bride, for there will be a wedding.


When I think of life, my immediate artistic association is with trees and greenery. Throughout the Bible, palm trees are a symbol of victory, righteousness, flourishing and celebration among many other beautiful meanings which all point back to Him; the Way, the Truth, the Life. John 14:6 “But Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”


Lovingly handcrafted in Orlando, Florida. Earrings are made from polymer clay which makes them extremely lightweight despite their statement size. They are also water-resistant. Earring posts and jump rings are surgical stainless steel.


Approx 2.8 inches in length 

1.3 inches wide  

1/4 inch in thickness 


Please Note!

Wearing Beth Autumn earrings may cause you to receive massive amounts of compliments.


Care Instructions

- store in a cool and dry place preferably on display or laying flat on its own.

- carefully remove earring backing from stud by sliding gently.

- though durable, avoid manipulating or bending the clay.

- to clean, wipe gently with a wet wipe.

Life Giver


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