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Meet Your Designer

Through graphic design, my focus is to equip kingdom businesses with the visuals needed to support what God has trusted them to steward.

Below is a little about me, my approach to design, case studies + available packages.

  • My name is Chanel Smith and I'm a Jamaican visual artist living and working in Florida.

    I hold a BA in Visual Arts Management and a minor in Digital Media as well as completed three years of theological and ministry studies.

    Having lived a devoted Christian life for over 8 years coupled with close to a decade of experience in design, I am equipped both academically and spiritually to execute impactful designs for your business.

  • As a Christian business owner, I understand the weight of a sacred vocation. Therefore, I create meaningful visuals for the glory of God, keeping the Scriptures as the foundation of my design process.

    Understanding God's heart in creation is crucial as an artist. It is important for me to design from a place of grounded biblical understanding of the Holy Trinity and Their divine role and importance in creation.

    Our businesses should worship Him.

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    My favourite thing to design are logos!


    Your logo will remain the most defining and memorable visual aspect of your business. As seasons and marketing campaigns come and go, so will your style and interests.

    For this reason, it is important to me that your logo, the face of your brand, represents your testimony, why God has called you into this business endeavour and/or symbolisms that are rich in history and sentimental to you. Envisage your logo as message.

    This is what will last!

Our businesses should worship Him.

Scripture application in logos

Here, I'm using my logo as an example to briefly show the treatment of Scripture in the design as well as sentimental and personal value. My heart behind Beth Autumn is for it to be a place where the Lord dwells due to the fragrance of using my gifts as worship unto Him. I wanted to use symbols that testified of Jesus which ultimately attracts the Holy Spirit. In Hebrew, 'beth' means house, which unites the narrative of a place for the Lord. One could assume that my business conducts architectural services because of the house symbol. And that's what makes a logo unique, it can be an indirect representation. It doesn't have to be literal. It was important for me to retain the imperfect hand-drawn appeal of the logo, recurring themes of 3 to represent the Trinity as well as having the wings of the dove outstretched referencing a personal encounter I had with God. This attention to detail is what makes a logo not only special but powerful.

Untitled design.png

Our busine

Our businesses should worship Him.





Ideal for new businesses seeking professionalism in their branding and ready to hit the ground running. If you only need a logo, this is the package to consider. ✸ 1x Logo/Design concept ✸ Colour palette with B&W ✸ File formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG​​​​​​​ Estimated Time Frame: 1 week



Ideal for established businesses requiring a transformative rebrand or a new business wanting a solid footing to make their brand memorable in the industry. ✸ Logo Suite: Primary Logo Secondary Logo Submark Brandmark ✸ Colour Palette with B&W ✸ Double-sided Business Card Design ✸ Typography Pairing ✸ File formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG, SVG​​​​​​​ Estimated Time Frame: 1-2 weeks



For those needing a personalized package and other collateral not mentioned in the previous packages. Such as: web design, product/label design, apparel, etc. Estimated Time Frame: TBD

All packages include:

My goal is for you to leave feeling organized and confident in your brand, with assets that you know how to use effectively. I'll teach you how to apply them to ensure your branding is cohesive, supplying you with a brand presentation containing all the information on how to use your new collateral.

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Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!


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After you have submitted the contact form, I will get back to you in 1-3 days. If chosen to move forward with your request, I will email the design contract for you to sign along with the secured payment link for your desired service. You can pay in full or choose to pay a 50% deposit upfront and the remaining balance will be due when your project is complete.

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Once I have received the signed contract and payment, I will begin asking more in-depth questions about your project to have a solid understanding of the direction. Once clarified, I will start the design process and send an email of the 1st draft. This will be where you give as much detailed feedback as possible so that I can revise, if needed, to perfect your desired outcome.

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After the 2nd draft has been sent and your detailed feedback received. I will send the final revised draft. Once you've approved it, any remaining balance will be due. Once paid, I will deliver all your assets in the deliverables covered in the contract. And just like that, your dream project no longer sits in your mind but is now actualized and ready to be used!


Let's Serve Him Together

Our businesses are tools in the earth to erect His kingdom order and standards. It is sacred and dear to me to be the artist behind such an initiative with you.

Thank you for choosing me!

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