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About The Painting: Conversations With God

A series of digital paintings denoting the liberty found in conversing with God. This body of work conveys sincerity of heart, inspired by Psalm 51:6. Fleeing the notion of clinging to one style, Chanel embraces the freedom of exploration and choosing the style that reflects the moment, feel and the internal conversation happening, and could transpire for the viewer.

Though each painting may differ in aesthetic as the project continues, the joining force that declares it a series is the resounding theme of inward truth; the matter-of-fact nature of one’s state.

“While mark-making I dialogue with God about whatever comes to mind, whatever may be hidden, aching or pleasant. I allow myself to feel without suppressing, to simply enjoy the flow of creating while God looks upon my state, knowing that nothing is hidden in His sight. With personal conversations embedded within each stroke, I hope that the viewer accepts the invitation to unravel before God and begin their own honest talks with Him, transposing their life experiences with the gestural marks at play. I imagine these pieces to dwell in spaces that foster communion, clarity and grace.”


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